APRIL 2015

APRIL 2015

Happy Spring! April is such a nice month as many peoples feelings, thoughts, and attitudes are renewing as with the soil in many places on earth…

The Full Moon April 4th in mellow Libra is not going to be as mellow as usual. A little bit of discourse is relationships business wise or personal (also creative/artistic endeavors) could take on a more realistic clear tone rather than the artsy out-on-a-limb Libra energy. Some denial becomes reality…Aspects show the outcome is positive.

On April 7th and 8th thinking is wired with intensity; brilliant ideas may emerge, but so may provocative comments, which might push other people away.

On April 14th-16th the aspects are perfect for tax time; most people are freaking out a bit over money and resources in general.

The New Moon in Aries the 18th ignites ideas and inspires initiative; fitting with the Aries energy, which motivates intensity. Gut reactions may trump reason as Aries energy is impulsive.

Energy slows down a little as the Sun moves into pragmatic Taurus the 20th. Resistance to change and reanalysis of past impulsive reactions are expected, since we tend to take a more measured and practical view of life.

On April 30th, Mercury moves into chatty, intelligent, humorous Gemini (Mercury RULES Gemini–its at home here). Information and ideas flow more freely here; fresh concepts–great ideas creatively abound.