About Ferdie

Ferdie J. Pacheco

Straight shooting relationship expert Ferdie J. Pacheco helps you discover WHO you are and WHO you have been in relation to people that you love.  He tells his clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, offering insight and advice for improving personal and professional relationships supported by astrology, tarot and life coaching services.

His irreverent, no-holds-barred approach is insightful, provocative and real.


Ferdie’s professional expertise comes from a lifetime of applying intuition and astrological insight to the challenges, desires and dreams of people seeking the best course for their personal and professional lives.



“People get so caught up in their own blocks that they repeat patterns over and over, or date the same type of person over and over again, and can’t figure out why they are so unhappy.”


As Ferdie watched the famous and infamous come through his childhood home in Miami (he is the son of the doctor to boxing legend Muhammad Ali), he realized that celebrity and money had very little to do with happiness. He also discovered that his natural intuition about people and their self-imposed limitations was far more prodigious than many other approaches to relationships. As Ferdie began to develop his talents as an astrologer, he envisioned, and then created, a career in which he could help others on their path toward personal growth.


Ferdie has read for many important European, and International figures at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, and has appeared on numerous radio shows, and on national television. He was featured in a pilot for his own nationally syndicated reality show for Tribune Entertainment. His client list includes Wall Street powerbrokers, Washington wives, entertainment industry executives, world renowned celebrities, and real people.


Ferdie can help you choose the best path in love relationships and in business decisions.


Testimonial - Betsy - Chicago, Illinois

“Ferdie came right out and said I was an alcoholic, and said by quitting drinking I would end it with my loser friends and my career would take off. He mentioned my looks needed the healthier lifestyle. Strange, as I had never even seen him in person. I quit drinking, lost 30 pounds, lost many using friends and my career is generating much needed money my drinking was costing me. I’m thrilled as I look 10 years younger and feel great!”

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