The Signs of the Zodiac – Aries

Aries, the 1st house of the zodiac, is a ME house, representing the SELF. The energy is that of a motivated, a self-preserving, passionate, courageous warrior. Aries men and women are brilliant at reinventing themselves.

An Aries person is a good self starter, but not particularly a good finisher. They often are willful, selfish, immature, adventurous and jealous. A fighter/competitor as well, they are Mars (combat) ruled.
An Aries person must guard against certain naivetés. Their courage to take charge is admirable; but to get them to listen to a wiser decision in regard to ANYTHING is challenging. When THEY decide they are DONE, there is no turning back.

A rather masculine energy, Aries seems to be a better fit for men than women. Aries can be a challenging sign for women. The Aries’ strength and assertiveness that’s great for business matters often complicates matters of the heart. Some women can be the sexy Victoria’s Secret babe one minute, then put a power suit over the sexy lingerie, and clobber a mate over the head for his shenanigans, and head off to be a CEO of a company. Many of these women can be a willful leader; the woman who beats all the men on “Survivor.” For this reason, Aries women need a man who is STRONGER than them. Advice to Aries women: Find a fire sign man. A man who’s strong enough to take charge and free you to sit down, be quiet and look pretty – in other words, someone you can respect and admire enough to get back into your feminine self and whose assertiveness you find amusing; someone that “gets” you, and won’t let you push him around.

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