August 2014 Forecast – #askferdie

The first 7 days of August are fiery and passionate; our goals are strong in our minds and hearts at this time. From the 7th-10th, this intense focus can take on a creative tone and further creative pursuits combined with tenacity; nicely forward…. a great time to try and push a creative project.


The Full Moon into detached, friendly, emotionally confused Aquarius can feel like an emotional iceberg has been run into; a great time to intellectually talk things through on a romantic level; however with emotions held at arms length.


August 12-17 are just lovely and romantic. A generosity of giving love and feelings can occur with a touch of sentimentality. However on the 15th, Mercury (the ruler of the mind/thought/communications) transits into fair, equal, correct, detail oriented Virgo, in combination with the aforementioned aspects, can be a couple in a relationship developing nicely, or divorce negotiations deciding upon the correct decision or being Virgo/cheap–but the previously discussed aspects are more generous/positive.


On August 22nd the strength of Virgo becomes more fine tuned as the Sun transits from Leo to Virgo, aligning with that communications planet Mercury–a brilliant time to hammer out financial details of a relationship in love or business (or both in some cases).


On August 25 an astrological occurrence takes place that adds seriousness and commitment to any venture or relationship. This one is deadly serious. Mars the action planet, and the way we expend our energy within society sexual and otherwise, and Saturn, the sober planet of lessons, karma, and serious honest action, both align in transformative, lusty, courageous, no BS Scorpio…


The fun, silly, romantic, and possibly out-on-the-limb circumstances of Aug-12-17 can take on a sober, clear reality (a fling you might have thought was forever, for example). Situations can crash down to earth and be over, OR move forward to a more realistic, constructive relationship. This is, in fact an excellent aspect for committed action, skill-building and concentrated effort. Beautiful moments can be transformed into on going experiences by working together maturely.


From August 26th, until the end of the month is a time of focusing on career and love building requirements. For those that are focused on keeping romance alive, the steps necessary to ensure its continuance now grow clearer.