A great aspect occurred August 1st.

Saturn in Scorpio RETROGRADE (turned DIRECT–back to normal) since June 14th has been stirring up subconscious trouble for many people. Saturn returned to Scorpio for a 3 month period (June 14th-Sept 17th)–into truth seeking Scorpio for a 3-month window that invited us to re-examine some of the emotional attachments and self defeating patterns that have kept us from achieving our highest aspirations, (quite straightforwardly, ADDICTIONS). Some of us are stuck in a dysfunctional quagmire of the past, affecting our ability to open our hearts to more positive abilities.

SOME finally released the attachments. SOME found out the truth–Saturn in Scorpio influences could have brought out lies and pathological realities, i.e.; who was, “Full of it all along…” Saturn points out–YOU went along with it. Astrology is not a magic potion; its all about our souls growth and what we DO to accept our windows of opportunity.

Many of us have had to juggle duties which have tied us to the past–spinning in that world of old non-functional issues of paranoia and fear.

With Saturn finally moving forward we can now begin a more productive sorting process (really moving forward emotionally), with Saturn picking up speed August until September 17th, our load mentally and emotionally will lighten up–if we have really pruned our life and cut out past life force sapping influences, Saturn moving into happier, lofty Sagittarius September 17th, (for 2 years) will be so much more advantageous to us on a personal level. Life, love, and career can be happier. Our self confidence may be improved with the possible reality many of us are done with the past and ready to conquer new adventures…

This past Full Moon in Aquarius certainly drained and nerved out Moon in Aquarius people, and made most of us ADDed out in general–really in a tailspin. Its over. Breathe deeply. If you returned to nature you might have had a nice experience.

On August 11th, Jupiter the work planet will move from Leo (where Jupiter has been transiting a year) into work and health oriented Virgo prodding us to work harder and get details ironed out in career perfectly. With Jupiter in Leo we may have come up with great ideas; in Jupiter in Virgo, we get them DONE. The last few months (since June 14th) many Leos have been stressed emotionally and mentally about work and money–far more pragmatic. Jupiter and several Leo planets would be normally wonderful for Leos–BUT Saturn RETROGRADING and even DIRECT in Scorpio (Scorpio and Leo SQUARE–a bit conflicted and hard) is a bit stressful; many Leos are ready to move forward, but Saturn is forcing many Leos to sit still and reflect on the past.

Saturn moving into Sagittarius September 17th for 2 years will TRINE (harmonious) all FIRE SIGNS. NICE….