APRIL 2015

APRIL 2015 Happy Spring! April is such a nice month as many peoples feelings, thoughts, and attitudes are renewing as with the soil in many places on earth… The Full Moon April 4th in mellow Libra is not going to be as mellow as usual. A little bit of discourse is relationships business wise or […]

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March 20, 2015- March 31, 2015

  The New Moon is a total solar eclipse on March 20th. Solar eclipses are extra-powerful New Moons: times for clarifying and affirming our highest goals. Eclipses affect the electromagnetic field of the Earth and all its inhabitants. As the Moon passes by the sun, we experience a release as well as a recalibration–the deletion […]

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Sorry this forecast is late. I was waiting for the good news I will be delivering in a few sentences. We all experienced Mercury Retrograde…(Jan 21-Feb 11th)….hope older mechanical/computer issues were taken care of; and well as old lingering issues in some relationships… Feelings are a heady subject; how to integrate the flow of information […]

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Zodiac sign, Sagittarius the archer, Color, Grouped elements

December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone. I was in Europe on vacation in November, so I didn’t post. Sorry December is late; sorry to those looking forward to my monthly forecast. I want to cut to the chase to the most important aspect of the month, which affects us ALL, more than most astrological aspects do. This one […]

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October 2014 Forecast – #askferdie

October has moved in under the shadow (Mercury slowly turning Retrograde and will be officially October 4th) of Mercury Retrograde providing the typical Mercury Retrograde misunderstandings, delays, computer, cell phone and electronics glitches. VERY ANNOYING. Mercury is in deep, subconscious Scorpio, requiring us to turn inward to reassess and re-evaluate recent decisions that may reveal […]

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September 2014 Forecast – #askferdie

SEPTEMBER 2014   September comes in with hope, fun, and romance….but without a touch of the Virgo questioning about it all. The Full Moon on the 8th, is a sensitive, discerning, a bit fussy and pragmatic vibration; a time to cut through a delusions to the reality of situations and relationships. A great time for […]

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August 2014 Forecast – #askferdie

The first 7 days of August are fiery and passionate; our goals are strong in our minds and hearts at this time. From the 7th-10th, this intense focus can take on a creative tone and further creative pursuits combined with tenacity; nicely forward…. a great time to try and push a creative project.   The […]

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July 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

Expect information to flow more freely as the Messenger Planet picks up forward speed in the coming weeks. July 4th and 5th is romantic and emotional; emotional 4th of July fireworks. These emotions are going to be possibly dredging up fears from the past due to feeling so much. By Monday night we are ready […]

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June 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

June 7th-July 1st, is Mercury Retrograde. Hopefully most of you can intellectually rise above the scattered energy and realize this period is temporary. See old friends, family, relationships, visit old places, and circumstances, and enjoy the time; and get lingering issues DONE finally. As I said before to avoid emergency-like mechanical/computer issues, get electrical/computer/mechanical issues […]

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Taurus amidst stars

May 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

The first few days of May, Venus (love) moves from not-clear, insecure, wishy-washy Pisces to aggressive, immediate-pleasure, passion and adventure seeking Aries. Love should be more clear and decided rather than feelings slowly moving having to slog through old fears from the past. On May 14th, there is a passionate, loving, sexual Full Moon in […]

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