Aries 2014 Forecast - Ferdie Pacheco

April 2014 Forecast

Happy April Fools everyone.  In the spirit of the day,  do something foolish!  But wow, this is a highly charged, emotionally intense first half of the month.   After April 7th onward is even more self-directed; not necessarily open to hearing others ideas, but being sharp and willful nevertheless.   Vibrations soften up nicely, compassionately […]

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March 2014

This month I would like to solely focus on larger, more noticeable aspects…   February ends on a positive note as Mercury heads back to normal, (Direct) the 28th. For the first few days after a RETROGRADE (the shadow) Mercury’s energies are less flaky, but still not yet 100% normal…   HOWEVER, Mars (affects the movement of […]

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From January 31st, until February 6th, we are officially free of retrogrades, BUT the week before the 6th of February, Mercury appears to be slowly turning, bringing on Retrograde issues already. The 6th is the official day Mercury is in place as Retrograde. Make amends to those you might have hurt or been selfish with […]

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My New Videos!

For the new year,  I have created new versions of my videos for you to see at These videos were created and edited by Emmy Award Winning Videographer, Paul Baker. Click the link below to see the videos!  

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FULL MOON JANUARY 15-16th, 2014

We may be gurgling up emotions to release them, or discuss them on the emotionally evocative Full Moon in Cancer the 15-16. We might be dealing also with home and family issues. Try not to play the victim in relationships. Remember we allowed the circumstances to exist.

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Happy 2014 from Ferdie Pachecho


HAPPY NEW YEAR! The New Capricorn Moon for the New Year shakes our foundations of the self and who we have been and who we are determined to be. Or, NOT to be. This honest vibration is wonderful for a new perception and intention about our lives. We are determined personally that 2014 will be […]

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December 2013

On December 2-3, there is a New Moon in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Sagittarius ALREADY, IN the 9th (Sagittarius) house–WOW, really optimistic and spiritual; very positive for fire sign people and everyone in general to feel the holiday spirit, plan travel or hit the road. Travel BEFORE the 24-25 PLEASE–I’ll explain later…   THIS […]

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November 2013

I wanted to wait until a big aspect, (as far I’m concerned) occurred yesterday to write (PLUS its Mercury Retrograde, thus many delays).   Venus, the ruler of love, romantic relationships, creativity and projects in regard to your talents; also self-esteem, “transited” (moved into) Capricorn for a month or so.   This means that it’s […]

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Mercury Retrograde

Hang on. Mercury officially turns retrograde tomorrow. As the planet begins to make its station (appear to turn backward) like a week before the 21st–the official day the planet has turned, breakdown of machinery (my car went on the fritz)…, communications in general, compounded by a Full Moon# in selfish, immature, willful, bratty, Aries# brought […]

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October 2013

(Also see the related “Void of Course Moon” post below)   October is a major month to contemplate love relationships and their facets. Many people may feel that their endings are a MUST now — the reality of what works …and doesn’t work is clear now. These ideas have been brewing for some time — […]

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