December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone.

I was in Europe on vacation in November, so I didn’t post. Sorry December is late; sorry to those looking forward to my monthly forecast.
I want to cut to the chase to the most important aspect of the month, which affects us ALL, more than most astrological aspects do.
This one is a relief to many, and is important.
Saturn is the foundation upon which each persons astrological chart sits. The energy depends on the sign Saturn occupies in a persons chart; Saturn pulls up the negative polarities of that sign–in a persons personal chart, the sign Saturn is in can describe the traits and qualities the person must learn from.
The sign Saturn is in Universally (the sign changes every 2 and a half years) has the tendency to affect the general vibration of the world and people on it.
Saturn has been occupying Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, a destructive, violent, paranoid, and on a positive note, healing subconsciously and transformation from a covert negative vibration)….look at our countries situation politically improving for many with Cuba (at the last minute as Saturn is about the leave sometimes deeply resenting Scorpio). Russia has been turning back to its secretive ways….Lets hope Saturn in Sagittarius will get people opening up and communicating better. Healing old emotional wounds in this Saturn in Scorpio period? Facing feelings that disempower you?
Saturn transits into fun loving, spiritual, positive, lofty, optimistic Sagittarius, the 23rd of December until December 2017.
Sagittarius, and its opposite Gemini will feel the Saturnian influences the most–plus each fire sign (Aries and Leo), and Sagittarius’ SQUARING signs Pisces, and Virgo will all experience the growth and newness in life in the two and a half year period….and planets in those signs in your personal chart indicate due to each planets meaning, the specific areas you will feel and experience the changes.
Saturn in Sagittarius will test our faith in WHATEVER we chose to believe in, and our cosmic laws of the Universe. Sagittarius can be spiritual, and religious. There will be religious zealots coming to the fore and some hopefully thrust out of their hateful closets. We will be required to stand up for our beliefs about the future. Sagittarius energy is positive, happy and adventurous. Time to trust in a “higher power” more than ever–time to renew our faith in whatever floats our boat.
ESPECIALLY to Scorpios and Scorpio aspected people (Scorpio in their charts) who have been often bogged down with Scorpio restrictions and lessons (sometimes thrust in their faces–just a mirror). Hopefully, Saturn provided useful, healthy lessons. Saturn wants whats best for you…