2016 starts off on a serious career note. Due to several major astrological aspects January 7-10 are MAJOR career days to close deals, delay some, hear about pending business situations decisions; one way or the other INTEND, PLAN, and cement PAST goals.

These aspects are prodding us to clarify our values, commitments, ¬†and priorities. We are advised to choose wisely, as to not feel sorry later. These aspects are wonderful for organizing your papers and editing your work–DO NOT PLAN BRAND NEW PROJECTS (and expect them to work out or last without unpleasant complications).

#Mercury Retrograde (Jan 5-25) gives us extra time to rethink, retool, and release whatever is no longer working or is out of alignment with our highest good.

A Full Moon in Leo Jan 23-24 (Sun in its opposite Aquarius); urging us to not be a victim of life’s circumstances; forcing us to see how WE create our reality–and we as individuals have more power than we think. In other words choose your own life path; who cares what society says you need to be or do to fit in. Beat to your drummer. Care about other people. BUT, don’t stop yourself worrying about what others think (as long as your thoughts and deeds are not immoral)…

January continues with some surprising complicated, unexpected circumstances that shock us.