July 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

Expect information to flow more freely as the Messenger Planet picks up forward speed in the coming weeks.

July 4th and 5th is romantic and emotional; emotional 4th of July fireworks. These emotions are going to be possibly dredging up fears from the past due to feeling so much. By Monday night we are ready to let go, and heal; embrace the feelings; these feelings MUST be purged healthily!


Moon in Capricorn is always pragmatic, matter of fact and down to business emotionally.
On July 12th the Moon is Full in Capricorn.


These emotional circumstances are multiplied in a Full Moon in Capricorn. The security needs of the Sun in Cancer and this safety-conscious (a tad controlling) Moon position are unlikely to be experienced in typically conventional ways. If the repressive and controlling sides of Capricorn dominate, explosions emotionally are bound to take place. If sensitivities (egotistically) are kept in check, so many healthy strides can move feelings, circumstances, and business forward.


Capricorn energy wants to realistically get unhealthy issues DONE and just move forward, and Cancer likes to wallow a bit in the past. So your choice to pick either energy. Capricorn energy is stern, but a gift. We can throw away negative garbage holding us back from succeeding on many levels; Capricorn highlights those feelings, and issues.


Several significant astrological shifts occur shortly after this Full Moon.


On July 16th, Jupiter ends its year long passage in Cancer, and moves into the fiery, creative, dramatic energy of Leo (great for show biz people). Jupiter will be in Leo until August 2015 (nice for Leos). Jupiter was in Leo last 8/1/2002 to 8/27/2003. Jupiter in Cancer is affecting all of us to be a bit concerned about security. Jupiter affects ALL our perceptions about work and money. We might be less bogged down by family, work, and security issues with Jupiter’s move into Leo. Leo energy is so broad and enthusiastic; try to control investing in what seems to be a great idea, and naively hoping for the best….


Leo is a breath of fresh air for everybody and the economy.


On July 20th Saturn (the foundation of an astrological chart) turns direct in Scorpio giving us a green light to move forward in evolving our souls. A serious retrograde that affected energy and movement of love/sex/tax/financial issues on a deep level, slowed these issues down to a crawl since March of this year.


So, Scorpios (or Scorpio aspected people) especially that have been stuck a bit or slowed down a lot can go back to some real shifts in their life as Saturn brings in some real karmic changes. This has been frustrating for Scorpio energy people; they prefer to go through “things” than be stuck waiting.


All the interesting feelings coming up and moving forward after we’ve been slowed down a bit since March; June was Mercury Retrograde (focusing on the past a bit – some new people, places and things should be taking on a more real tone in July, some evaporating).


Positive, lofty Jupiter having moved into Leo with the Sun leaving Cancer into happier Leo on the 22nd guarantees the rest of the summer will be not only sunny but fun and happy.