JUNE 2015

What an interesting month.

I will focus on the highlights. On the 2nd was a full “strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius. Very optimistic, straightforward verbally, and fun. There may have been movement of some kind; whether travel, or just in life. They circumstantial influences last all month.

With the combination of Mercury Retrograde (May 19-June 11th), the Full Moon may have set off the culmination of old plans and or thoughts and feelings in past relationships, either being thought of or discussed. On June 11th, Mercury turns direct, but we are in the “shadow phase” (still MR effects) for about 5 days.

The 14th, Saturn turns Retrograde from Sagittarius, and moves back into Scorpio until September 17th, bringing back past issues emotionally, sexually and reminding us of feelings, and may possibly continue circumstances begun around the fall of 2014.

Specifically people born the end weeks of August, February and May will notice the effects of past circumstances and possibly types of relationships starting or ending during the next few months until September 17th, 2015. ALL Scorpios will notice past plans, feelings, and thoughts returning. Old sexual feelings good or bad may be dealt with again.

On June 16th, the New Moon is in Gemini.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury AND Mars (complete energy of the month, the heart and soul, the mind, and interactions within society) will ALL be “conjunct” (the same sign) in Gemini–A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH communicatively, intellectually (plus basic in formation), and physically; from waiting/pending/being on hold, to ACTION. This energy affects us for weeks to follow–especially Geminis. It is wonderful for them as they don’t like waiting and not knowing facts.

New Moons are the time (especially in Mercury–thought ruled Gemini) to look at how we are thinking as our thoughts create our reality. Time to project our plans and firmly cement our goals in our minds, and maybe say a prayer or two thanking God for our lives and thanking him for…(list your dreams). DO NOT BEG, thank God as if you already have them. THIS attracts them, saying you DESERVE them…TIME TO CEMENT YOUR GOALS IN YOUR MIND.

THIS IS A GREAT MONTH–especially for creators….and Geminis.