March 20, 2015- March 31, 2015


The New Moon is a total solar eclipse on March 20th. Solar eclipses are extra-powerful New Moons: times for clarifying and affirming our highest goals. Eclipses affect the electromagnetic field of the Earth and all its inhabitants. As the Moon passes by the sun, we experience a release as well as a recalibration–the deletion of old codes and the downloading of new ones. A great time to set intentions in your heart for new plans.

This Solar Eclipse occurs in the last degree of Pisces (last day of Pisces before becoming Aries)–ALSO the last house of the zodiac is the 12th Pisces house. So the Eclipse is highlighting the traits of the house and the sign…

This Eclipse opens the door of perception, turning up our sensitivity. The messages received may be clearer and stronger if we chose time alone or in a meditative state–closing out the noise of everything and everybody.

Other major planets are in Pisces exacerbating psychic intuitive and possibly paranoias. Quite often, Pisces fears are never realized. Use the Pisces energy wisely. Inspire those with a new creative endeavor; let their imaginations run wild over the weekend as Monday March 22, is a great day to get this ball rolling in the right minds; to get things created.

Pisces helped inspire them to dream; the new Aries cycle encourages them energetically to get it done–the ACTION planet. Courageous attitudes about budget replace fearful ones–a great day to submit a request for financing.

The last day of the month March 30th, go back to discuss EVEN MORE the progressions in business made a few days back… TRY TO BE MALLEABLE and not too pushy or stubborn–open to hearing everyones point of view. HOWEVER, stick to your guns.