May 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

The first few days of May, Venus (love) moves from not-clear, insecure, wishy-washy Pisces to aggressive, immediate-pleasure, passion and adventure seeking Aries. Love should be more clear and decided rather than feelings slowly moving having to slog through old fears from the past.

On May 14th, there is a passionate, loving, sexual Full Moon in lusty Scorpio. Full Moons are intense as the Earth and the Moon are in direct opposition to each other creating tension–emotionally especially–one of the definitions of the Moon… Saturn in Scorpio “conjoins” (the same sign) the Moon in Scorpio bringing up serious truths in regard to love, sex, and responsibility, and commitment in regard to those issues.


Moon in Scorpio is hot and obsessive anyway–an opposition such as this one can bring up serious love and sex desires, increasing the drama level in relationships. I repeat myself here in a way, as the Taurus energy we are now in makes us a bit “thick minded”–some people have have to snap out of being hooked tenaciously on the wrong types…this Moon is a wake up call….also what REALLY turns you on…


Mars (sexual energy–physical energy–the movement of life) in love, intimate and business partnerships in romantic, relationship oriented Libra will go DIRECT May 19th; RETROGRADE since March 1st, 2014. This RETROGRADE energy has really been slowing things down (for Libras especially) romantically and professionally, to a snails pace. On a more positive note; old buried business plans can reemerge. Old relationships or the types of love you felt in the past can begin in this period. Details and intentions will move more forward after the 19th. This is a nice positive boost romantically.


On the 20th the Sun moves from slow moving Taurus to anxious, nervous, chatty Gemini, making connections between people easier.


On May 28th, the Moon is “NEW” in Gemini highlighting the power of our mind and thoughts.


This a great time to focus on serious plans of communications of any kind; great time to send out a manuscript to editors/publishers for example…also WHATEVER you plan–this the time to pray to God, and plant to goal in your mind.


Astrological information effects each person more or less, depending on their personal birth (natal) chart–which is like the blueprint to your soul. The ‘progressed” chart is interesting to see how astrological information has evolved to the age you’re at presently (natal chart is your true nature–always remaining the same). Both are run off by the computer at the same time.


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