MAY 2015

The most important aspects about May are the ones which will make you feel and think deeply.
The Taurus New Moon May 17-18.
This particular New Moon counsels us to value ourselves and our gifts, even when others in our lives hold different values for themselves and US. How can you create more beauty, peace and balance in your life?
TRUST what your heart is telling you, and intend and set plans and goals for the future–let them take on a Taurean theme; LOVE and MONEY.
On May 18th-June 11th, is Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.
Mercury RULES Gemini, so this Retrograde period might be more nutty than most.
Mercury Retrogrades give us extra time to rethink, revamp, or release what’s not working, especially in terms of communication, technology, and transportation. Glitches and breakdowns are gifts in disguise, propelling us to make upgrades and repairs to relationships and THINGS in our lives. Mercury Retrograde challenges us to be very clear, extra thorough, and in touch with our intuition.
Mercury in Gemini (Gemini ruled by Mercury) only highness these feelings, thoughts and circumstances.