The first week or two of November may have been heavy as subconscious fears are addressed in relationships and in our own minds. We may be more nervous than usual about our careers and futures.

LOVELY vibration occurring the 8th and then the 12th, both out of workaholic, neurotic, fear based Virgo; about 3-4 weeks (past) of intense nerves; however, with the Scorpio combination of the Sun in existing #Scorpio and #Mercury (#Mercury/mind—moving into #Scorpio the 1st) with the #Venus and #Mars moving through Virgo really helped us think deeply about work, money health issues—those may have been an intense worry, but problems may have been addressed.

These 2 (Venus/love, Mars/sex) planets move into peaceful, romantic mellow Libra add more kindness and balance to nutty situations, and fences can be mended. Some people will move out of the shylock vibration into fairness. Compassion could take over. Much more can be accomplished this way professionally. We move out of possibly being blocked with duty and can be more creative and functional with the #Libra energy in regard to work and love.


On November 20th, then the 22nd, the #Sun and #Mercury enter more happy positive Sagittarius really ushering in the holidays. Sagittarius is spiritual, generous and fun.


On November 25th, the #Full Moon is in #Gemini. Thanksgiving should be chatty fun.

Watch out for #Sagittarius (especially in combination with #Gemini) foot-in-the-mouth disease, forcing fun chatter to a grinding halt by asking Aunt Betty, “Is it just me, or have you gained weight?”


#Sagittarius searches for unifying principals and meaning; #Gemini seeks to gather and share information. Questions as the Full Moon in intellectual #Gemini….

What were we born for? What do we live by? What guides the choices we make

daily? What feeds your soul? What are you aiming for?