October 2014 Forecast – #askferdie

October has moved in under the shadow (Mercury slowly turning Retrograde and will be officially October 4th) of Mercury Retrograde providing the typical Mercury Retrograde misunderstandings, delays, computer, cell phone and electronics glitches. VERY ANNOYING.
Mercury is in deep, subconscious Scorpio, requiring us to turn inward to reassess and re-evaluate recent decisions that may reveal where we need to focus on in relationships, sex, and love. Also, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can be about some old tax issues reoccurring and having to be solved, with some research into old financial records (any illegalities?), and also old crimes being solved, or information discovered to move the case forward. A great time to ask for psychics advice….
Until October 10th, expect serious unexpected circumstances that require our full attention. Saturn (the serious, realistic task master) is also in Scorpio adding seriousness and urgency onto the craziness; taking the circumstances out of our control at times to a serious level. Some much needed emotional and mental blockages are meant to be discussed maturely and moved forward, so that after the 10th our relationships in love and business move forward nicely, constructively, SANELY.
The Full Moon total Eclipse on the 8th in Aries (opposite from Libra–all full Moons are in opposite signs) can add greatly for life-changing revelations and shifts in consciousness. Eclipses indicate where we have an opportunity to complete a major life lesson and graduate to the next level.
The challenge here is being on the Libra fence about decisions often about a relationship or creative endeavor. Will you be stuck in Libra codependency or ready to move forward (together or alone) with the courageous Aries energy? ITS UP TO YOU. Whats best for your higher good?? Whats more realistic??
On Mercury’s movement back to more fair minded Libra on the 10th, it gives us a chance to go back and correct some Scorpionic nasty things said in relationships–to straighten out possible wounds.
After October 23rd, we move from Libra’s airy domain to of intellect and reason toward the profound mysteries of emotion when the Sun enters Scorpio.
The 24th we are chomping at the Scorpio bit–a very lusty, addictive, hot day for love and romance, just in time for the 25th and Mercury Direct, (THANK YOU GOD), in fair kind Libra bringing back the reality of possible airy nebulous promises made in the Mercury Retrograde.
The month ends on a more realistic honest hardworking note. Like we were on vacation, and now back.
But happy to be back.