Before I talk about the #Full Moon in Taurus October 27th, I must discuss the #Mercury Retrograde Sept. 17-Oct 9th. This affected many people in the area of relationships, as Mercury was in relationship oriented #Libra. Whether the truth came out in old relationships business or personal, #Mercury Retrograde helped us move forward. A restructuring or ending of THIS particular relationship or relationships or just our M.O. in relationships–we grew up more. Some people missed an old one or had an old relationship return for more of the same (good or bad). Some people that are single felt more tired of being single than usual–missing love. The #MercuryRetrograde was over officially the 9th, but seemed to drag on through the “Shadow Phase” for a few days.

Relationships that began in the #Mercury Retrograde have already begun to evaporate or the truth has come out. Impossibilities or dysfunctions have already begun–some have already evaporated.

Old projects (especially Art oriented) may have moved forward nicely.

The #Full Moon in Taurus October 27th should be interesting. This is clearly a tug of war with the truth vs untruth in our lives, largely about money and security…also about real love and casual sex. How we need to clearly see and transform anything that has been repressed and denied; our power, truth and light. Trust issues?? Addiction in general; also addiction to drama and darkness. Denial and repression; projection (pointing out faults in others–really just talking about ourselves) keep us stuck in the dark; this #Full Moon urges us to get more clear and honest about snapping out of it.

What do we deserve? Are we giving too much love, time, energy and being undervalued emotionally and or financially? All these are themes of this #Full Moon in Taurus.

The relationship theme continues at this time; a continuation of the #Libra cycle Sept 23-Oct 23. AGAIN, partnerships personal or in business, begun previous to or AFTER the #Mercury Retrograde are more conducive to lasting–the #Full Moon will bring the truth out in those relationships in areas that need more clarity–such as financially oriented and love potentiality issues, for example…

In personal romantic relationships, time to move forward nicely sexually or discuss what would work better on a sexual level together. OR, that you can’t move forward past the “friends with benefits” stage–or that you WANT to…

ONE WAY OR THE OTHER…The TRUTH is coming out in relationships of every kind…what makes YOU happy WITH or WITHOUT someone in business or in love.