Personal Readings

A reading for a person is $500, and will receive my written analysis of their astrological chart based on, birthday, year, time of birth, and location. The person has my written analysis of the astrological chart. I explain pertinent issues of their distant and recent past, along with experiences they may be having to deal with now, the reasons for them, and the cycles of time for this experience. Also future influences.


A relationship/couples reading is $800 and consists of explaining the astrological connections between two people, and how they are meant to affect each other; their strengths and weaknesses of their relationship. Each person must supply the birth info.

Testimonial - Harold - London, England

“I was confused about some investment trading (I work as a trader in London). Ferdie helped me choose the correct investments, saving me hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Testimonial - Sheila - New York, NY

“My husband and I were not communicating. Ferdie described how we were just becoming like our parents (describing each of ours exactly, based on our astrological charts) and just blaming each other. Sounds simple, but he got us talking more honestly with each other. It saved our marriage.”

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