September 2014 Forecast – #askferdie



September comes in with hope, fun, and romance….but without a touch of the Virgo questioning about it all.

The Full Moon on the 8th, is a sensitive, discerning, a bit fussy and pragmatic vibration; a time to cut through a delusions to the reality of situations and relationships. A great time for creative ideas that can earn money. Time to stick to a plan, and see it manifest in the future.


On September 13th, we are free to travel with or without that partner we have been focusing on for about a month. This was a time we needed to get into a relationship, business or otherwise. Time to break free or continue moving forward WITH that person.


The Libra New Moon on September 23rd with make us realize the value of our current relationship or relationships to come. This is a considerate vibration of others needs.

On September 25th, count on flashes of intuitive brilliance with career/ideas–bold ideas and big plans made go under serious scrutiny on the 27th however, with much thinking, rethinking, and research.

The month ends with a gracious note and an airy fresh sweet vibration with lovable Venus moving out of critical, cold/edgy Virgo into kind, warm hearted Libra–NICE.