At the moment, the past feelings, thought and insecurities are rather prevalent. This last month and until Sept 6th, is a time of creative delays and a better time to edit material AND YOUR LIFE than implement (you can think about them however) major plans for the future. Since the end of July this Venus Retrograde in Leo has been bringing up old issues blocking the future–time to feel them/reenact them to finish them; to move forward successfully.
Past relationships and previous addictions to others (some can be like a drug) are to be closely and honestly looked at and honestly dealt with now until the last moments of Venus (love and money) in Leo Retrograde. This period has been great for old fears and feelings also dysfunctions in love to hopefully be ironed out to move forward in a healthier fashion after the 6th. Venus has been Retrograde (past habits of love and money/career pursuits coming up; new plans delayed)since the end of July.
Due to this fact, we are experiencing Venus in Leo Retrograde (past love habits), we may have had to look honestly at our level of self absorption, and draining of others with our selfishness and arrogance. If you have continued the Leo tendency to not admit your faults…YOUR LOSS.
Saturn has been in Scorpio since 2012 bringing up many past fears, paranoias but also many sexuality issues and fairness (Saturn/right/wrong)–like Gay Marriage for example. Every sign has a ruling organ in the body; like Leo the heart, Cancer the stomach, Pisces the feet.
Scorpio is the gonads. YOU DO THE MATH.
We are at the last very intense degree (29) of the Saturn in Scorpio transit for two or so more weeks; the last time Saturn was in Scorpio was late 1983 through mid 1985..
So, the Saturn transit through each sign is every 30 years. Saturn is leaving Scorpio (big relief to Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius people and those with these sign planets in your astrological charts), but until the 18th of Sept, we must hold our breath as Saturn in Scorpio is about to change into lofty, fun, optimistic, movement oriented Sagittarius for two years lightening EVERYTHING up. You may or may not like Donald Trump (he’s a Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius–motor mouth, born on a Full Moon–and a tad nutty… and the next two years are HUGE for him–using his language–lol). BUT, he represents a more honest optimistic vibration to dull politics; a foreshadowing of coming events. He may not win or be taken by many seriously. BUT, he’s effecting other stiff, dull, constipated politicians to get more real. He’s digging up some issues swept under the rug. Saturn in Scorpio is bringing out some financial and covert issues we have avoided dealing with. 29 degrees OF ANY PLANET is intense. Saturn is 29 degrees until Sept 18th…
Saturn is a powerful planet. Scorpio is intense in itself as a sign.
So, the last couple of years, have been about dealing with some Plutonian (the ruling planet of Scorpio) issues (death and dying–rebirth too)–Isis for example…Iran too…
Saturn in Sagittarius is 100 times happier. This energy will bring out the fairness and decency that is in all of us. From darkness (Scorpio) to light (Sagittarius).
We possibly have to deal with some religious zealots and bible thumping in general as Sagittarius is rather religious. Hopefully, many will find more spirituality in their lives. Many will be challenged to find a balance. This energy gives people less fear/mistrusting and more courage to move forward in regard to negotiating in politics and connecting as humans.
September 17th and 18th are two important days.
On the 17th Mercury turns Retrograde in relationship/marriage oriented Libra.
On Sept 18th Saturn transits into Sagittarius effecting Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo for the next two years…A more honest/clear pragmatic time for those signs. Also people who have those signs prevalent in their birth charts.
Mercury Retrograde will have the much spoken about MR effects on us all (if you don’t know about MR by now you are tied up in the basement for most of your life–lol)…
Specifically there are old marriage love issues that will arise, and new ones will fizzle out soon thereafter…PLEASE, PLEASE do not marry in this period, (Sept. 17-Oct. 9th). Ive seen many marriages go down in flames in time when married in MR…
There are two Eclipses this month (unusual)…Solar and Lunar.
ELIPSES are extra powerful energies making major endings and beginnings.
On September 17th, there is a Solar Eclipse in Virgo…
A new mode of thought about work and health will enter our minds blowing open new possibilities and ending old thought patterns that may appear stuck in. To evolve from criticism to discernment from distraction to focus, from fragmentation to integration.
This Eclipse illustrates the value of focus and cooperation; to take a leap of faith; a new perception in regard to work projects and modes of health practices.
Lunar Eclipses are extra potent Full Moons, with heightened awareness as well as dredging up deep seated feelings. There maybe more “lunatics” than usual on the loose…
The focus of this Eclipse is on relationship, as the Moon (feelings) is in Aries and the opposite sign Libra is occupying Mercury (mind)–time for the you-know-what to hit the fan and be realistic and truthful about past issues, and present thoughts of recent ones coming out, personally and professionally. Aries is excitable and anxious to jump into new things; PLEASE cool it with brand new relationships as I have said repeatedly.
The two Eclipses can be great for starting new different business deals, productions, and jobs in general.