The Signs of the Zodiac - AquariusAquarius rules the 11th house of unconventionality, independence, humanity, and emotional disconnection. Intimacy phobia. Foreign influences. A tad self-involved… But Aquarians are also kind, humanitarian, friendly and fun.

Some can be lost when deep emotional feelings are required in a certain situation. Certainly detached…

Aquarians are often caring and loving with strangers, but seem less patient with intimates. They could be interested in feeding the starving in Africa, as their kids starve at home, for example.

They JUST must beat to their own drum, and be free to do whatever OR WHOMEVER. They want to experience everything, which makes them curious and interesting people. They are often not bogged down with society’s rules or conventions. They are very loyal … as long as you don’t make them claustrophobic with possessiveness. If you do, they’ll run.
Very few people (sometimes themselves), don’t know what makes them tick. They can be quietly depressive in unpredictable waves.

Aquarians have built-in ADD issues with everything, including people, and are better suited (and often brilliant) with electronics/computers than with emotional issues (the men especially).

They are also great teachers, as they can emotionally disconnect from one person only and be phenomenally genius with a group. They are your best friends. Aquarians can be great to be around. They are indiscriminately nice to everyone.

Don’t fence them in. They’ll be gone with the wind.

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