The Signs of the Zodiac - CancerCancer is ruled by the 4th house; the home and family house… they are attracted to children, animals, the mother, older people, and future security. Mother can affect them positively or negatively—either way, they are very sensitive to her.

Cancers do very well by the water — being in it, or around it. It neutralizes their stored up anger and can wash away the energy they absorb from other people. They need water, or they can want to be alone a lot, retreating into their shell. If they are not allowed time and seclusion to heal, they can be crabby and nasty.

Cancers prefer love instead of quick sex. They are highly sensitive (some Cancer men strive to cover this, sometimes drinking or “self-medicating” as a way out from their feelings). They can get very rooted in other people emotionally and their own living situation. Moving may be traumatic to some Cancers (especially upsetting if it’s not their decision). They are “nesters” and their “nest” can be very important to them. Most Cancers are highly empathetic and caring….many times giving more than what is good for them. They hang on too long to a bad emotional situation co-dependently (similar to Libra).

Some people may feel abandoned by a Cancer’s need to be alone. They are just recharging their batteries privately. LEAVE THEM ALONE TO DO THIS. They come back sunny and sweet—or get ignored, and a crabby, short attitude. They cannot be pushed to feel ANYTHING. Let THEM come around.

Most Cancers are big spenders—WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. They make brilliant accountants and can be so cheap they store up millions while others are spending. They can be major pack rats. If they trust you, you have a loyal loving friend.

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