The Signs of the Zodiac - CapricornCapricorn is the ruler of the 10th House. Focused on power and wealth, they are hard workers, and material success is a dominant theme in their personalities. Capricorn women are often attracted to powerful, rich and controlling men; and Capricorn men are usually determined to be rich and powerful themselves.

Capricorn, unlike Sagittarius is attracted to commitment and serious relationships—ones that can last and be built upon. They are not attracted to easy people or situations. The more they have to work at something, never quitting (failure is traumatic), the better. They make great mates, and a woman (if she doesn’t hook a rich guy ready to spend on her) will stand by the man and help him become successful. The men can support a woman, but she must hold up her end of the bargain, or he’ll complain about her laziness and how much money it’s costing him.

Capricorns can be short on emotional connection and revealing depth—they feel it all right, but do not show vulnerability easily. They can come off cold and unfeeling. They are always right in their opinion, full of denial, and not really interested in your side of the story. They are quick to point out your faults (often projecting). They are very critical. They make great lawyers and policeman—often attracted to the law and enforcing what is right and wrong. They almost enjoy arguing (as they are right—even if they are or not—in their mind).

These are workers, and are super ambitious people; and most Capricorns utilize the correct people to get ahead. They are charming and sweet when they respect you (usually requires wealth, fame and or power—or someone they just admire). If they don’t respect you, you will get a cold shoulder—they hate wasting their time.

Capricorns will spend lavishly to compete with the Joneses, looking rich and glamorous (up-to-date and following all trends), but are a bit stingy and find the spending annoying.

In most areas of life, they MUST win.

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