The Signs of the Zodiac - GeminiThe 3rd house is Gemini. The house of communications, brain-power — a nervous, changeable, idea-energy house.

The chatty Gemini is juvenile, funny, interesting, and can be neurotic. Like a child, the world can evolve around them and their fears and desires.
They get bored easily, but can be full of attention in intellectual pursuits. They can be bibliophiles, and are attracted to writing and acting — many Geminis are acting through life anyway, with a dual personality. Some can be outright duplicitous.

Some can be murky about sex. Which sex? Certainly bisexuality is normal. If heterosexual, Metrosexuality is normal for sure, as many Gemini men understand BOTH intellectually, and love being pampered like children….if he gets a manicure and massage, so what? Many Gemini’s, (like their opposite, Sagittarius) can shy away from commitment, and some can find faithfulness and just focusing on one relationship difficult. They are very adaptable to change and can often seem shallow; some Gemini’s have been accused of having the depth of a puddle.

Most Gemini’s are attracted to receiving higher education and expanding their curious and interesting minds. Some can be so smart, they can be crazy-smart. They are youthful and often look younger than their age.

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