The Signs of the Zodiac - LeoThe 5th house is Leo, It is the house of the heart, romance, generosity, and young children. Leo is a masculine sign, and, like Aries, better suited to men.

Leos get attention whether they want it or not (most do). Like their opposite, Aquarius, most can be “attention whores.” They are sunny and generate positivity—people love being around them to bask in their energy. Most can be larger than life and are drawn to drama. Most are sexy and funny. Leo women can be real sexy, but a little aloof. Interested men had better behave decently or they’ll be kicked to the curb. Leos have to be number one romantically! They HATE cheating (but can do it). A “Double Standard?” Definitely.

Some of the greatest actors and comedians are Leos (like Gemini—they get along well). So grand and regal, the gallant man throwing his coat over a puddle for a woman MUST have been a Leo. Some (not raised well) can be arrogant, and prickish, as well as a tad entitled and rude, having delusions of grandeur; having a difficult time apologizing or thanking others that deserve it. Everyone else should SERVE them…
Many Leos wont admit their faults.

Many make great adoring parents. Leo mothers are fiercely protective like lionesses for their children. Men can be “My way or the highway”—but BOTH are super loving. Leos don’t do well with authority; nor do they like having THEIR authority questioned…

Leo advice often comes from the heart, and they are sad when they are ignored. They will give you the shirt off their backs, never admitting they need it. Leos are VERY proud….

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