The Signs of the Zodiac - LibraLibra is ruled by the 7th partnership, marriage house. It is the “fairness and equality for all” house. Because they see both sides fairly, they are the world’s judges, diplomats, matchmakers and deal makers.
Libras beautify everything. Without them, the world would be a huge trailer park. And they love doing it for others. They are kind souls.

There are only two signs ruled by Venus: Libra and Taurus. Both are artists (especially music and voice). Their ear for sounds of all kinds is acute. Their senses are especially sensitive. Beauty rocks their world. But, where Taurus is earthy and solid, Libra is airy and unbalanced (their goal is their symbol: balance). Taurus is more honest and real. Libras will say what you want to hear and smile at you charmingly. They’ll PRETEND to be dingbats (most are as sly as a fox) in order to not be fully responsible for their actions – completely unlike confrontational Aries, their polar opposite in the Zodiac. Instead, Libras like to keep peace and avoid rocking the boat with too much honesty. It is “ugly” to them…Librans are sharp as a tack, but think their opinions privately, keeping them to themselves…

Yet, Libras like others to be honest with THEM. Strangely, they abhor lying from others. Libras can be addicts—of anything—loving pleasure; anything that feels good or is fun. Once they get past their addictive stage and realize the damage their actions can cause others, they can morph into brilliant psychological healers. Libras can be great listeners, and people to get life advice from.

Libras like gaming (they can be gambling addicts) and sports (particularly heterosexual Libras) and are pretty talented on any field or court. Some Libras are GREAT at artistic pursuits, too (especially gay Libras who can be brilliant in design, the salon or the visual and performing arts).

Libras are prone to sex and love addiction and must be wary of the ramifications of their judgment going out the window when the sex is good. Libras are not terribly practical anyway (the men aren’t as much—the women are wiley business types); so they must be careful not to fall into pathology—Libras prefer a dream world. The non-Libra should be the pragmatist in a romantic relationship. Let Libra decorate the home and go shopping for the right color couch. Two Libras will never leave the house— neither will be able to decide on the right outfit.

Libras have always a pretty giveaway….a pretty smile or dimples (or both) are a trait. They are pretty and sexy and work it, being fully aware of this affect. Some can be serial monogamists, going from one mini-relationship to the other. Like Geminis they can be shallow and gossipy, but with the right astrological combination, the catch of the century. They can be clever and quirky in an irresistible way. If they are in love with you (if you are good looking and good in bed), they will swim through shark infested waters to get to you. They are some of the most elegant people on the planet—most are NEVER short on style.


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