Learn About The Planet Signs - The MoonThe Moon is emotional, deep and moody—like the ebbing and flowing of the tides…

The Moon in a person’s chart is important to decipher, as the Moon changes signs every two days.

The Moon signs traits are the CRUX of a person’s heart and soul—how the person demonstrates their feelings.

Often they learn these feelings from their mother; and she takes on the energy of that astrological signs traits in his/her astrological chart. Also, his/her experience with her.

The Moon is the ruler of moody (can be melancholy) Cancer. Cancer is a touchy sign.

Look to the Moon to find out (based on HIS Moon sign how he felt about his mother; and how he feels about women in his life)—they are often connected. Study a woman’s Moon to see how she feels about motherhood in general.

This Moon position is critical to know to really nail a person accurately.

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