The Signs of the Zodiac - PiscesPisces rules the 12th house, the last house of the zodiac. This energy is cloudy, not clear, highly sensitive, martyred, guilty, psychic, creative, and compassionate. The 12th house also rules institutions, like hospitals and or prisons, for example….

Pisces can be compassionate and are brilliantly able to walk in others’ shoes. They are great at medicine. Many can be hypochondriacs (like their opposite Virgo), and could be subconsciously attracted to suffering—hence drugs, alcohol and other forms of self-abuse. Some can be very flaky and drift off when needed in a self-absorbed haze of low self esteem. They put themselves through a lot of abuse from others, and tolerate too much—as they are basically kind.

Most of the time, they can be trusted to get your back; especially if they fear you….some Pisces can be shifty and secretive—not trustworthy at all (depends on the rest of the chart). Most feel deeply and feel awful hurting anyone.

Many are helpless, and you just want to rescue them, as they are often not designed for reality and can seem rudderless. Some Pisces are sweet (like Libra—often playing the victim to have someone else do the hard work). Some are downright pathological. Depends on the chart. Overall, (especially the women), they are adorable. For some crazy reason, many Pisces men poo-poo anything spiritually deep—almost fighting against their very spiritual sign.

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