The Signs of the Zodiac - SagittariusSagittarius is the 9th house ruled by luck, optimism, and spirituality. DO NOT BORE SAGITTARIUS with heaviness and your problems; these are fun people—they have to run free. They will find you draining, and resent it. Go to a Libra or a Scorpio with your problems—they are anxious to hear it, and help. Sagittarians are VERY generous WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO BE. You have to catch them in-between breaths about themselves to broach the subject of your idea…

Fun-loving and adventurous, they love traveling, experiencing other cultures, experiencing life in general, laughing and being the life of the party. Be careful not to share your innermost dark secrets with them. You never know if a Sagittarius will blurt out your secret over a few drinks.
Most like variety, and some find commitment boring and tedious. Some are the eternal bachelors. Some go from one bed to the other.

One wonderful thing about Sagittarius is its spontaneity. They’re so fun and ready to go at any time. A fire sign, you’ll never see Sag behave like the Earth signs who need a lot of planning to do anything: Virgos need to get the laundry done first; Taurus needs to see if there will be hot people there, if its worth their time to get the right look together; Capricorns need to see the guest list to see how wealthy the crowd is, or if there are celebs in attendance….

Sagittarian parents are entertaining to kids. When the kids get older they might lose patience with many of the kids’ growing pains.
Some Sagittarius’s are so into freedom they will encourage the kids to run free when they become of age to go out on their own. They dutifully put in their time with the kids, but Sags’ want to have fun too, after the kids leave!

Many Sagittarians are a riot. Like their opposite sign in the zodiac, Gemini, they can be brilliantly comedic, fast and clever. Keep it fun; don’t get heavy! They don’t want to hear it—unless it’s about them. Like Gemini, they are chatty (mostly about themselves and what interests them)—you couldn’t ask for a better friend. Like Leos, they are big hearted and get along with them beautifully for that reason.

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