Learn About The Planet Signs - SaturnSaturn is about a 180 from Jupiter….

Saturn rules hard realities, karma, major lessons a person must learn (depending on the sign Saturn occupies in a person’s astrological chart), judgment and criticism. Saturn is kind of a negative energy….

Hard core Capricorn is ruled by Saturn…

This is the father influence in a person’s astrological chart. The astrological sign occupied by Saturn, indicates the liabilities of that particular sign and the lessons the person needs to learn in this life.

Saturn restricts a sign (if Saturn is aspecting a sign in a person’s chart) — and adds Capricornian judgment and loneliness in that area, an energy they may have experienced with their father — they may have also inherited their father’s work ethic. He may just have been distant.

I look at a woman’s Saturn in her chart to analyze the experiences with her father, thus the similar man they are attracted to, and for better or worse, the kind of men she attracts in her life professionally and personally.

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