The Signs of the Zodiac - ScorpioScorpio rules the 8th house—the House of death/regeneration, taxes, and the occult. It is a polymorphous sign, symbolized by both the scorpion and the eagle.

Some are devious and crazy. Most people are scared of them, and if you let Scorpios intimidate you, some Scorpios might enjoy seeing you squirm. My take on Scorpios is that when Scorpios are younger and fueled by their hormones and gonads, they can be controlling sexually, jealous, possessive, revengeful and addictive/self destructive—taking others down with them. BIG TIME sex addicts. The scorpion is in control of them at this time.
Most Scorpios, as they get older have been through so much drama and craziness, the Eagle can now take over. They are tired of the insanity. They see it in others and can become the WORLDS GREATEST HEALERS. Their intuition and psychic ability is amazing and some have magnetic light eyes (a Scorpio giveaway) that have almost X Ray vision. Their BS monitor is amazing.

If they use their energy properly, allowing the Eagle to lead, they can attract what they desire—as their obsessive focus is intense.
While Scorpio is the only sign that has the choice to take two forms, some sadly stick with the Scorpion energy for most of their life, ending up in dysfunctional situations. Others choose early to ascend to the Eagle energy and become great healers of themselves and others. Most don’t suffer fools too easily. Scorpio is a very special sign. Thank God for their depth. Like the other water signs (Cancer and Pisces), Scorpios can be private, leaning towards secretive.

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