The Signs of the Zodiac - TaurusThe 2nd house is Taurus, the house of properties and shared wealth.

A Taurus is a bit single-minded, stubborn, strong, mothering/controlling and, especially when emotionally involved, a bit despotic (several dictators were Taurus). They like what THEY like, and won’t be swayed.

They are a bit ruled by their sensuality and sensitivity. ANYTHING Venusian. Music is a natural talent; Taurus rules the throat and many are great singers such as Streisand and Cher for example.

Taureans are naturally inclined toward aesthetics or anything that requires taste (and expensive taste is an issue for many Taureans).

Pleasure of all kinds is a Taurus tendency (sometimes their judgment goes out the window if the sex is good—similar to their polar opposite Scorpio). Some can be a victim of their senses, being overly self-indulgent. One thing’s for sure, they are sensitive (the men covering this more often than the women).

Beauty is natural to most Taureans: but strangely, some are the ones living in a van in San Francisco, smelling earthy, listening to Led Zeppelin still, desperately needing a make over. You want to burn the tie-dye and update their 40 year old hairstyle.

One thing is for sure. They don’t give a damn what you think about their choices either. Some are made up and coiffed.

Some Taureans abhor spending the time beauty takes.

They are more focused on earthy, pragmatic reality. The astrological chart indicates the true nature.

Some are big spending glamour pusses, and some are earthy conservative types.

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