The Signs of the Zodiac - VirgoThe 6th house is Virgo. The house of work, health, and service. Virgos are often critical and chilly until they warm up to you, then want to straighten you out. They are attracted to cleanliness and order. They are hardworking, perfectionistic and detail-oriented. A boss that has a Virgo working for them, is lucky. Most are on time and get the job done well. They care about what is right; and can be trusted.

They make brilliant health practitioners of any kind—as they care about making people better on any level. If the doctor or nurse taking care of you is a Virgo, you’re in luck.
California and Los Angeles are ruled by Virgo so it’s no wonder they led the exercise and health food craze, getting rest of the country to follow. The often money-aholic and work-aholic tendencies of many Angeleno’s (hardly as relaxed as their image) is also Virgo (who continually complains about money) rubbing off. They can be incredibly neurotic about money.

Some of the Virgo chill and formality is their great shyness (the men especially–the women are more aggressive). Virgos can be dignified and refined; the ultimate of manners. Virgo energy is fairly allusive, and conservative with the energy the Virgo person expends. Virgo women have a certain reputation for being beauties (one off the top of my head, Sophia Loren) and private (Greta Garbo, “I vant to be alone…”). Like a cat, they have to see if you are safe, checking you out first before they warm up and lower their hair. Once you make sense in their very intelligent head to get to know, they really are there for you.

Virgos dont like stupidity much and turn off quickly like smelling something unpleasant. Some have a very dry sense of humor and can have hilarious-intellectual humor, not slapstick.

Many Virgos are hard to please, as they criticize everything and see what is missing, instead of enjoying the moment. They’re usually “glass half-empty” people —unless they are very spiritual.

Virgos are susceptible to giving guilt and assuming the long suffering martyr role. Although they can seem cold, they are quite the opposite and far more sensitive than they appear.

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