Ferdie Pacheco

Taurus amidst stars

May 2014 Forecast – #AskFerdie

The first few days of May, Venus (love) moves from not-clear, insecure, wishy-washy Pisces to aggressive, immediate-pleasure, passion and adventure seeking Aries. Love should be more clear and decided rather than feelings slowly moving having to slog through old fears from the past. On May 14th, there is a passionate, loving, sexual Full Moon in […]

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Aries 2014 Forecast - Ferdie Pacheco

April 2014 Forecast

Happy April Fools everyone.  In the spirit of the day,  do something foolish!  But wow, this is a highly charged, emotionally intense first half of the month.   After April 7th onward is even more self-directed; not necessarily open to hearing others ideas, but being sharp and willful nevertheless.   Vibrations soften up nicely, compassionately […]

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My New Videos!

For the new year,  I have created new versions of my videos for you to see at AskFerdie.com. These videos were created and edited by Emmy Award Winning Videographer, Paul Baker. Click the link below to see the videos! http://askferdie.com/media-and-videos  

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